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In-person & online sessions available!

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Couples Session Fee: $120/ hr

Appointment Hours: 

Monday - Thursday: 12:00pm -7:00pm

Office Location: 

6448 E Hwy 290, F-102, Austin, Tx 78723



What Do We Cover In Sessions?​​

  • Communication 

  • Conflict resolution

  • Financial management

  • Sexuality and affection

  • Family and friend dynamics

  • Relationship roles and expectations

  • Children and parenting styles

  • Spiritual or religious beliefs

Whats Included In Sessions


As a Premarital Counselor, my job is not just to help you start these important conversations, but to encourage you to KEEP having these conversations throughout your marriage. Each couple will get a workbook with the copy of the worksheets we utilize in sessions. Each workbook covers the foundational relationship skills we learn in sessions listed above.

*These workbooks cannot be found or bought anywhere else, as it is proprietarily created & owned by Julianna Navarro.*

What Is Couples Counseling Like?


Your counselor will guide you through the course by listening, supporting, & exploring using our counseling philosophy:

Unconditional positive regard 

Genuine & direct communication

Empathetic understanding

Acceptance & non-judement

Do You Accept Insurance?

Couples counselors do not accept insurance, unless also treating a co-occurring mental health disorder at the same time. Insurance companies require a diagnosis in order for them to cover the client's session costs. Premarital and couples counseling, by nature, does not operate from a diagnosis perspective. During sessions, the goal in working with couples is generally centered on improving your quality of life with your partner, not in treating a mental health disorder.

Is Premarital Counseling Religious?

Our counseling is completely respectful of all faiths. You decide how much or how little of your spiritual/religious beliefs you want to include in our sessions. I will hold a safe space of acceptance if you choose to discuss your feelings surrounding this important area in your life.