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premarital services

Individual Sessions

Sometimes you just need a quite safe space to decompress. It is truly priceless to be able to have your own space to self-reflect, organize your thoughts, and feel validated. For our premarital couples, having an individual session is designed to help you minimize stress before the wedding and talk about any and all of your current stressors to a non-bias and supportive professional. 

Start with a free Consultation

Convenient 20 min online meeting

Designed to help you feel comfortable before beginning your journey in premarital counseling. It is the time for you to meet your counselor, ask any questions you may have and make sure we are a good fit before we begin. After this meeting, we will get your profile set up in our system and pick a start date to have our initial session.

Couples Sessions

During these sessions, couples can expect to learn clinically proven skills that strengthen the core of relationship trust, communication, intimacy, and vulnerability with your partner. Each session will be personally tailored to meet your specific relationship needs, using a combination of the three counseling methods described below.

What do we cover in sessions?

At your pace, we will cover our five phases:​

  1. Communication & conflict resolution

  2. Finances & other life stressors

  3. Spiritual or religious beliefs

  4. Intimacy, trust & vulnerability

  5. Family dynamics & future planning

What is counseling like?

We listen, support, & explore using

our counseling philosophy:

Unconditional positive regard 

Genuine & direct communication

Empathetic understanding

Acceptance & non-judement


Types of counseling

The best part is we use all three counseling methods listed below to bring you and your partner closer together!


All your questions answered...

Can I schedule a session if I'm not in a relationship or engaged?

Yes! We offer individual sessions for individuals with concerns related to their relationship, anxiety or life changes, such as a break-up. Couples at any stage of their relationship can schedule an appointment.

Is premarital counseling religious?

You decide how much or how little you may want to include your spiritual or religious beliefs in our sessions. Our counseling is completely respectful of all faiths. I will hold a safe space of acceptance if you choose to discuss your feelings surrounding this important area in your life. 

Do you accept insurance?

Like most couples counselors, we do not accept insurance. Insurance requires a diagnosis for them to cover the client's session costs. Premarital counseling, by nature, does not operate from a diagnosis perspective. Our goal in working with couples is generally centered on improving your quality of life with your partner, we are not focused on treating a disorder.

How many sessions should we expect to schedule?

The average number of sessions a premarital couple schedules is around 10. Although, many couples choose to stay connected with me after the wedding for routine maintenance sessions