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Why premarital counseling?





Today, many couples come to premarital counseling for several reasons, but of those reasons, the most common is for love. Couples in love, excited to get married, and eager to have the best experience while planning for the big day, come to Before "I Do" Premarital Center.

Plan for your future together

  • How many children do we want?

  • Do we want to live in the city or suburbs?

  • What parenting roles are we each going to take?

  • What spirituality or religion do we want to teach our children?

  • How often do we want to see our extended family? 

These questions are just a few of many topics that are necessary to explore your future together before tying the knotPremarital counseling can help you and your partner integrate your lives together by addressing these tough conversations in comfortable environment.

Strengthen your communication skills

The most common concern expressed by couples getting married is the need to improve their communication with one another. This includes learning how to effectively work through unresolved issues and eliminate those repetitive concerns from your relationship cycle. Learning how to listen to your partner in an argument without getting defensive is a skill. In premarital counseling, we perfect the art of giving and receiving information with our partner to achieve a common understanding.

See what clients are saying...

“I just wanted to say thank you again for today and tell you how much I enjoy talking with you and how much I appreciate your help. You really have a gift for making people feel validated and comfortable even while talking about things that aren’t so comfortable to talk about!

“I wanted to thank you for the couples session the other day, it carried a lot of meaning for me. Something changed for me in that moment and I want to thank you for that.”

“I want to thank you for making a huge difference in my life and the lives of my children. You gave me the confidence I needed."

- anonymous clients

See what 
are saying!

Maintaining a healthy relationship:


Proves just as impactful to overall health as

diet and exercise. Increases your overall lifespan by 10 years. Plays a vital role in your overall happinessSupports the growth of a child's cognitive development

Feel closer to your partner

Couples that come to premarital counseling report having better communication, increased trust, intimacy and more feelings of satisfaction within their relationship overall. Due to the confidential nature of counseling, we will naturally create a safe space to share and exchange feelings that would otherwise be difficult to share outside of that environment. 

We will cover the following areas:

  • trust

  • communication

  • intimacy & love

  • human needs

  • future life planning

Provide comfort before the wedding


It's normal to feel a heightened sense of anxiety, stress, and worry before your wedding day. Most likely, it's the anticipation of the day that can bring on these feelings of being overwhelmed. Our process is designed to address your natural concerns before the wedding day and cope with them by going through a series of relaxation strategies that bring you comfort.

The bottom line

Addressing your relationship concerns later in life costs more emotionally and financially overall. 

Premarital counseling is a preventative approach to post-marriage couples counseling and divorce. Couples that go through a premarital counseling course before they get married report feeling more competent and secure in their connection together. Unfortunately, the current divorce rate sits at a high rate of over 50%, leading to unexpected costs. Premarital counseling is an effective tool to prevent against unnecessary costs because it will always be more effective and less expensive than the pains of divorce. 

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